Identifying when the same antibody is sold by different vendors

Scientists in industry can check for identical antibodies by using our comparison table feature or saved lists.

It isn’t unusual that different vendors sell the same antibody from their own catalogues. Identifying duplicate antibodies can pose a challenge for researchers because you run the risk of  purchasing, testing, and retesting the same antibodies while you execute new experiments. BenchSci’s technology can help you determine whether two antibodies are duplicates by actively comparing critical products specifications. For our algorithm to predict the similarity of two antibodies, they must list the same target and at least one of clone ID, immunogen, or post-translational modification. Once that condition is met, our model ingests those vendor specifications and others, including clonality, conjugation, host, reactivity, specificity, isotype, and more to find potential matches.

Check for matches by adding candidate antibodies to a comparison table or to a saved list you can revisit later. Following the few seconds needed for the duplicate antibody identification algorithm to run, similar antibodies are tagged with a Duplicate icon so you know they could be variations of the same antibody and should be further investigated.


We are planning to expand this feature to other parts of the platform, but we’d love to hear your feedback while we continue to refine our models!