Differentiating between crRNA and sgRNA

sgRNA is a combination of the targeting crRNA and scaffold tracrRNA into a single oligonucleotide

Successful CRISPR experiments involve the design and cooperation of numerous different reagents and considerations, like the gRNA, choice of Cas Nuclease species, sub-type, or PAM sequence. gRNA itself is comprised of two functional regions: 

  • CRISPR RNA (crRNA), which targets the gene of interest
  • Trans activating CRISPR RNA (tracrRNA), which operates as a scaffold for binding Cas Nuclease and forming the ribonucleoprotein.

For convenience, researchers have created fusions of these two RNA elements into a single guide RNA (sgRNA).

On BenchSci, under Product Type, you can search for gRNA which includes sgRNA, crRNA, and sequences we’ve detected in the literature. Alternatively, you can select either subtype and exclude sequence-only data altogether.

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