Filtering by antibody isotype

Narrow down your search for isotypes like IgM, IgG2a, or ScFv fragments

To improve the depth of your antibody search on BenchSci, the Isotype filter can help you refine your search to find products of the isotype your experiment needs. With this filter, you can find specific classes of antibodies, like: IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, and IgM, and then you have the option to further narrow your search for light chain variations kappa and lambda. You can also limit your search to specific immunoglobulin subclasses, for example IgG1-4, or the rat and mouse homologs IgG2A, IgG2B, IgG2C. Selecting multiple isotypes shows products that satisfy any of the specified isotypes.

Filtering by Isotype

Although Isotypes are not yet directly searchable in the smart search bar, it’s straightforward to search in the side filter!