Our Story


What is BenchSci anyway?
We're glad you asked!   Your browser does not support HTML5 video. BenchSci's vision is to help scientists bring novel medicine to patients 50% faster by 2025 . We do this by empowering scientists with the world's most a...
How and when was BenchSci founded?
Learn more about the creation of BenchSci and its founders.
Who uses BenchSci?
Our users include a wide range of scientists in academia and industry from varying research backgrounds and experience More than 54 ,000 scientists at more than 4,500 institutions , including 16 top 20 pharma companies, use our technology t...
What’s next for BenchSci?
We’ve got our sights set on some big things this year and beyond As we grow, we are continually expanding our data and analysis capabilities. Our goal is to be a complete resource for all aspects of decision-making in experimental desi...