Choosing the type of reagent you're looking for

Select antibodies, RNAi, proteins, CRISPR reagents, or cell products

For industry users with access to our Reagent Selection application, a Product Type filter allows you to narrow search results to Antibodies, RNAi, Protein, CRISPR, or Cell Products figures and products. Knock out or knock down experiments may call for different classes of nucleotide products, depending on your experimental setup, so we’ve included subtypes siRNAshRNA, and miRNA

With the Protein product type filter, you can narrow down your search for specific protein reagents, ranging from recombinant proteins, cytokines, enzymes, and more. If you are looking for a reagent that fits into two subcategories, like a recombinant cytokine, those products are tagged as recombinant and cytokine, so you can apply either filter or both to find what you’re looking for.

Choosing a reagent type makes relevant filters available on the left, among which you can choose product subtypes

CRISPR reagents are divided into two product types: gRNA for guide RNA constructs (sgRNA, crRNA, etc), and Cas Nucleases. In the former, you should approach your search like you would for antibodies and RNAi — include your target gene in your search. Cas nucleases, however do not have a target so you will find most of your search process takes place using the side filters. Because of this, you can't search for Cas nuclease and gRNA products simultaneously. That said, the gRNA spec filter, Cas nuclease compatibility, allows you to choose gRNA sequences that work with the nuclease you intend to use (e.g. Cas9, saCas9, etc).

If you’re curious about searching for multiple product types at the same time, click here.