Do CRISPR sequences include PAM sequences?

PAM sequences are not included — they generally reside on genomic DNA

PAM (Protospacer Adjacent Module) sequences are a short sequence of nucleotides in genomic DNA recognized by the Cas nuclease/gRNA ribonucleoprotein complex. These sequences are critical for enabling Cas nucleases to cut the target DNA complementary to the gRNA sequence. Except for in some newer, specialized applications, it is not appropriate to include PAM sequences in most gRNA designs. However, if authors cite the DNA sequence being targeted by CRISPR rather than gRNA sequences, PAM sequences may be included (though we do our best to indicate them). When in doubt, follow our link to the original publication and check how the authors referred to the sequences. 

You can read more about PAM sequences and their associated Cas nucleases here, or about the CRISPR sequence data on BenchSci.