Example CRISPR search strategy

Try searching first for a gRNA, and then identify a compatible Cas nuclease. Then, search separately for a Cas nuclease.

If you are looking for tips or guidance on building your first search for CRISPR reagents, here’s a strategy to try. There is more than one way to arrive at meaningful results on BenchSci, but try this to start. As a general principle, start with a broad search for gRNA against your target of interest and then iteratively narrow the search by applying filters.


You are looking to knockout the human HNRNPF gene. 

Step one: Select the Product Type

Open the Product Type Filter and select CRISPR gRNAOptional — apply the Application filter

Step two: Search for your target

Enter the target, HNRNPF into the search bar.

Step three: Evaluate the figures or products results

Open any figure thumbnails that appear interesting, and (optional) follow the link to the product page.

Step four: Evaluate product specs on the product page

The product page can give you sequence information, target species, target location, scores for on- and/or off-target effects, and the PAM sequence and Cas nuclease compatibility. In this case, the gRNA is compatible with Cas9.

Step five: Search for a Cas nuclease

Start a new search for a Cas nuclease compatible with your gRNA, but without a target in the search bar. Here, you can select in what format you’d like your Cas Nuclease; a vector, purified protein, or mRNA.

Step six: Apply the Cas Type filter

Because we discovered in the last step that our gRNA was Cas9 compatible, we can immediately filter products for the appropriate nuclease.

Step seven: Review the products and optionally add filters

Review the product results and any associated figures to inform your choice, optionally adding any other filters to further narrow your search.

After that, the science is up to you!

Please check out our Guide to Filters for CRISPR Reagents to learn more about our filters!