Finding antibodies that bind non-proteins

Search for antibodies that target non-protein molecules and entities using the search bar

The majority of scientists that come to BenchSci to look for antibodies are interested in targeting proteins, peptides, and other gene products. However, you also have the option to find antibodies that target other entities, like:

  • Tags (e.g. phycoerythrin, FLAG) 
  • Chemicals and small molecules (e.g. phosphatidylcholine, glycerol)
  • Nucleotides (e.g. ds-DNA)
  • And more.

This will help you design your experiment around whichever target-type you need. For example, you may want to target a tag to avoid needing anti-species antibodies. 

To build a search against a non-protein target, use the search bar and browse search suggestions in the dropdown to pick the option that doesn’t include a species in brackets, for example (TAG), (CHEMICAL), or (NUCLEOTIDE). See the examples below:


Take note that your search bar term uses Target/Protein entity (TAG), and Target PTM.