Finding a Cas Nuclease and gRNA in the same search

Searching for each reagent type separately will give you the most comprehensive results

While we work to expand our platform to allow you to search for Cas Nucleases and gRNA simultaneously and find meaningful and comprehensive results, we recommend that you search for the two reagents separately. For example, consider searching first for a Cas nuclease variant appropriate for your experiment (e.g. CRISPR knockout, knockin, activation, or interference), and then begin your search for a gRNA against your Target. There, you can optionally apply the Cas Compatibility filter to ensure you select sequences/products with the correct PAM sequence for the Cas nuclease type you’ve chosen. Read more about other CRISPR search strategies here.

If finding and evaluating Cas nucleases and gRNA reagents in a single search would be valuable to your workflow, we would love to connect and get your perspective.

Please check out our Guide to Filters for CRISPR Reagents to learn more about our filters!