Finding cells with specific gene expression

Some phases of your research may not only require working in primary cells or cell lines, but that a specific gene is overexpressed (OE), knocked out, knocked down, or prepped for GeneTrap. Use the Gene Expression filter to find cell products that, according to the vendor, express the genes and proteins your experiments need. After you open the filter and select your gene of interest, you can further refine your search for Expression/OE, Knockdown, Knockout, or GeneTrap, as needed. 

I'm having trouble finding the gene I need!

We’re already working on improving the searchability of genes in the Gene Expression filter — at the moment, this filter does not benefit from our extensive database of aliases and synonyms, so a gene may have a different name than expected. Try applying some additional filters (e.g. Tissue of Origin, Cell Type of Origin…) to limit the number of genes displayed in the filter so they’re more browsable. Alternatively, use the search bar to check the preferred name/alias of your gene of interest. For example, if you search for TDRD19A, one of the search suggestions is for MTF2 which can be found in the Gene Expression filter. 

Please check out our Guide to Filters for Cell Products to learn more about our filters!