Finding CRISPR sequence data in your search

With core facilities and the ability to produce oligonucleotides in-house becoming increasingly common, we appreciate the value of finding and evaluating sequence data in running more successful experiments. For CRISPR reagents, we’ve leveraged technology we developed for RNAi sequences to help you locate the sequences researchers used to design their sgRNA or crRNA constructs. 

To find sequence data, first select CRISPR gRNA as your Product Type, and then in the gRNA Specs set of filters, apply the Sequence filter to show only figures or products that include sequence data. When you click into a figure thumbnail with sequence data, you’ll see card that looks like this:

Click See Sequence Details to visit the sequence page and find where else that sequence has been used in the literature. 

Note:  because we cannot always confidently assert to which CRISPR gRNA subtype a sequence belongs, selecting either one of the crRNA or sgRNA subtypes in the Product Type filter will remove any sequence-only figures (ie our AI detected a sequence but no catalog number) or entries on the product page. The latter typically look like this:

We extract sequences as written—including directionality indicated by the author—though we generally remove PAM sequences when they’re included. The sequence could correspond to the targeted section of the genomic DNA, or the gRNA construct. If you are uncertain, we recommend linking out to the original publication.

If you have any feedback on how we extract or present CRISPR sequences, we'd love to connect with you for a chat.

Please check out our Guide to Filters for CRISPR Reagents to learn more about our filters!