How do I find data on a specific product?

You can search with a catalog number to see a detailed product page and any relevant experimental data

If you're looking for BenchSci’s data for a product you are already familiar with, our streamlined search means that you can navigate directly to its product page by typing the catalog number in the search bar. 

This video shows you how to find a product and all of its associated data in our platform. 

Video Transcript

If you have a specific product already in mind, for which you want to review the product specifications or publication data, you can search for it directly on BenchSci. 

This can be useful if you have already conducted your experiment with an antibody and you want to come back and benchmark your results against what’s been previously published.

To do this, simply enter the catalog number into the search bar and select your product from the drop down menu. 

This will take you directly to the product page, where you can review product information, figures, and bioinformatics.