How proteins are subcategorized

Proteins can be categorized as more than one product subtype

The nature of protein products varies wildly, so developing clear categories was a challenge. Listed below are the basic categories, however a product can belong to more than one. For example, a recombinant cytokine is tagged as both recombinant and a cytokine/growth factor. Examples are not exhaustive and intended only as a guide.

AntigenShort peptides, potentially tagged, that can be used to block antibodies, as a part of a control, or to develop antibodies with therapeutic potential
Cytokine/Growth Factors Proteins like tumour necrosis factors and interleukins that can be used in activation assays, cell functional assays, cell treatments, or inhibition assays, for example.
EnzymeCatalytically active proteins that can be used in cell treatments, or as controls.
NativeNatively folded proteins that can be used in cell treatments, or as antibody controls
PeptideShort(er) polypeptides that can be used as enzyme substrates or to interrogate protein interactions
Recombinant Proteins produced in expression systems will be tagged as recombinant, in addition to other appropriate categories.
Other proteins This is for protein-types not mentioned above that could have smaller numbers of products, like synthetic peptides.

If there are additional categories that would be valuable to you and your research, please let us know!