Purchasing RNAi in various formats: particles, plasmids, and viruses

As with many of the other RNAi Specs filters, our technology extracts Format from vendor information and databases

There could be some confusion about what different formats mean, so here's a quick summary:

Viral particles – Your plasmid and RNAi payload are encapsulated/packaged in a virus (e.g. lentivirus, adenovirus, etc.), ready for transduction.

Plasmids – A DNA construct, comprising bacterial and/or viral promoters, to transfect target cells or packaged for viral transduction. May come as a bacterial glycerol stock, oligos, or linearized.

In principle, we classify products using the narrowest categorization we can infer from the vendor. For example, if a vendor categorizes a reagent as a lentiviral particle, although it might also fit in with our lentivirus Format, lentiviral particle is a narrower, more specific category so that is what we use.

Please check out our Guide to Filters for RNAi Reagents to learn more about our filters!