Search logic on the AI-Assisted Antibody Selection application

How does BenchSci interpret combinations of filters for antibodies?

The filters on BenchSci are key to empowering scientists to quickly focus their search for antibodies from millions of figures and antibody products in our database to the ones that will help them design better, more successful experiments. Here’s what to expect when you start combining filters of different types (e.g. Application, Organism Tested...) or multiple instances of the same filter (e.g. Application: Western Blot, Immunohistochemistry). The search logic—that is the use of AND, OR between search terms—on BenchSci aims to be intuitive, and below we show how logical operators are applied to filters:



Operator: AND

Operator: OR


Single selection in multiple filters

Application: Western Blot
Tissue: Liver
Clonality: Monoclonal


Results have to match all the applied filters

Multiple selections in Figure Usage Data filters (except Application)

Tissue: Liver + Brain


Results including the usage of brain OR liver tissue are shown

Multiple selections in Company, Verification, or Host

Company: Cell Signaling Technology (CST) + Abcam


Results include antibodies from CST OR Abcam

Multiple selections in Antibody Specs filters (excluding Verification and Host)

Reactivity: Mouse + Rat


Results include antibodies that, in our database, have reactivity against mouse AND rat

Multiple Targets

Target: SOD1 + PCNA


Results that include SOD1 AND PCNA are shown. Bi-specific antibodies!

Multiple selections in Application

Application: Western Blot + Immunohistochemistry

See below.


Yes, filtering for multiple Applications uses both AND and OR. In this example, only antibody products that have been used in Western Blot AND Immunohistochemistry somewhere in our database will be shown in the Products tab. Figures in the Figures tab then meet the following criteria: the antibody detected is in the Products tab AND the figure features a western blot OR immunohistochemistry experiment.

Note: Figure counts when you open a side filter menu always shows the number of figures that satisfy all of the applied selections and filters, regardless of if they are within the same or across different filters (i.e. AND).

Please check out our Guide to Filters for Antibodies to learn more about our filters!