Targeting specific protein domains with antibodies

Choose a domain to target with the antibody Specificity filter

Sometimes, when planning an experiment with antibodies, targeting an entire protein isn’t precise enough, so it’s helpful to have the option for more granular control over where antibodies bind. With that in mind, we developed the Specificity filter. The Specificity filter, in part, draws on vendor-provided data that can help you narrow your search for antibodies that target a DNA-binding domain, a thioredoxin domain, the C-terminus and more!

There may not be exhaustive domain information for every target, but we are continuing to work on expanding our comprehensiveness, so please let us know if there are additional domains you would like to see us include!

At the moment, you can only specify one domain at a time. 

Please check out our Guide to Filters for Antibodies to learn more about our filters!