What if I want to browse without choosing a target protein?

A target isn't required to browse BenchSci's publication and product data

You are more than welcome to browse BenchSci's data without specifying a target! Maybe you're interested in finding novel controls for your experiments, or identifying well-researched targets. You can remove your existing target from the search bar by clicking the X, or you can clear your search altogether and rebuild it in the search bar or by using side-filters. Search results will show all figures and products that match your filters, regardless of the target. 

In the side filters, items are ranked in descending order by default according to the number of associated published figures in our database. You can use this information to gain insights into literature-wide trends. You can also use the side filters to see which experimental contexts are commonly used together. When you apply a filter, rankings of items in other filters will update to provide you with information on how experiments are conducted in the literature. 

Another use of open searches is to find products that are commonly used for a set of experimental contexts. For example, if you wanted to find a positive control to use in flow cytometry experiments with T cells, you can search  “Flow Cytometry” and “T cell”, go to the products results, and review data from relevant experiments for the most cited antibodies.