What is the difference between Organism Tested, Host, and Reactivity filters and the species attached to your target in the search bar?

Though many filters include a species, they have different meanings on the platform

Host filter: The species of animal used to raise/produce the antibody.

Reactivity filter: The species of the target protein that the antibody will bind, determined by vendor specifications. There is likely to be some overlap with the figure usage data filter, organism tested.

Organism Tested filter: (Model) organism in which the experiment was conducted or from which cells or tissues were obtained. This relates to how the antibody was used in the literature.

Search Bar (species in brackets after your protein target): The species of the immunogen or protein target as indicated by the vendor. If you're seeking an antibody that detects human PCNA, then select the search suggestion for PCNA (human).

Please check out our Guide to Filters for Antibodies to learn more about our filters!