What’s the difference between Cas Type and Cas Compatibility?

Cas Type filters for a specific type of Cas nuclease, while Cas compatibility filters for gRNA that functions with a chosen Cas nuclease

Among the new CRISPR-specific filters, there are two that appear similar but serve different purposes, Cas Type in Cas Nuclease Specs, and Cas Compatibility in gRNA specs

Cas Type allows you to filter for Cas nucleases with varied functions (e.g. nuclease vs nickase) and preferred PAM sequences (e.g. Cas9 vs SaCas9). Read more about them here. This filter is useful when you’re searching for Cas nucleases.

Cas Compatibility allows you to filter for gRNA products or sequences that are compatible with the chosen Cas nuclease, ensuring, for example, that the sgRNA/tracrRNA will bind the selected nuclease.

Please check out our Guide to Filters for CRISPR Reagents to learn more about our filters!