What search terms can I use into the search bar?

You can use multiple search terms to build complex searches for your experimental parameters

If you have a target gene or protein in mine, you can start typing the protein or gene name, or an alias, along with experimental context to build complex and specific searches. Contexts can include application, organism tested, tissue, cell type, cell line, and disease

You can also search for product specifications. For example, you can include the company, host, reactivity, clonality, clone ID, and target post-translational modifications (such as “phospho” or “acetyl”) for antibody products. The list is even longer for the larger Reagent platform — hover over the About Search i next to the search bar to see a comprehensive list.

Our app detects your search terms and delivers search suggestions based on the experimental contexts we matched to your terms. If you changed your mind, remove search terms by clicking the in the specific context box.

Don’t worry if you left anything out, narrowing your search results using the side filters returns identical results as using the search bar.

You can also search for specific products in the same search bar. Just enter the catalog number of the antibody you’re looking for and you will be shown the matching product.