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How can I save information to BenchSci and share it with my colleagues?

It can be hard to stay organized. That's why BenchSci allows you to save antibody products and their publication data to your account and share it with your colleagues when collaborating on a project.

This video shows you how to save information to your account and share it with your colleagues.


When collaborating on a project you can stay aligned by sending your colleagues antibody products and associated figures using BenchSci.

You can also save antibodies and figures to your BenchSci profile to keep an electronic record of the antibodies you use and their associated publication data.

When viewing a figure or product, you click here to share the information with your colleagues by email. Just enter their email address, add a note describing what you’re sending them, and click send.

You can also click the heart to save this to your favorites, or add it to a project folder.

You can create a project folder for each experiment to keep track of the antibodies used and the published data supporting the use of each antibody.

To access your favorites and folders, click on the heart icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Here, you can review or modify the figures and products that you have saved, and also share the entire contents of your favorites, or a folder, with your colleagues by email.