How do I search for histones and their post-translational modifications (PTMs)?

Histones come with a complex arsenal of post-translational modifications. BenchSci makes selecting antibodies that detect them easy.

The following video shows you how to search for antibodies that target histones and their wide variety of post-translational modifications:



Histones have an arsenal of potential post-translational modifications, or PTM’s, that can be detected with antibodies. You can follow these steps to find an antibody that detects a specific modification at a specific residue on a specific histone.

You can start by typing in the name of the histone. For example, histone H3.

Now that the protein target is defined, you can use the PTM or post-translational modification, filter to specify the type of modification and residue.

Let’s say I was looking for TRI-methylation of lysine 27 on histone H3, I can select lysine 27 as the residue, then go back into the filter and select the modification type; trimethyl.

Alternatively, you could search for the modified histone by typing it directly into the search bar as trimethyl lysine 27 histone H3, or H3K27me3.

Using these tips, you can easily find antibodies to a wide array of histone modifications in BenchSci.