Immunogen Sequence Filter

Using the new Immunogen filter exclusively shows antibodies with sequence data.

Having access to immunogen information can be valuable for predicting antibody cross-reactivity, locating the probable target epitope, or planning for their use in experiments. We’ve worked with vendors to bring you antigen information for over 600,000 antibodies, and engaging the new immunogen filter displays only products that include this sequence. Product Page Immunogen sequence

Most immunogen information is collected from vendors and we display it on the antibody product page. These data also feed our predicted cross-reactivity analysis which you can use to find new, off-label uses for antibodies in your research (read more). The immunogen filter is found under the Antibody Specs header (see below).

Antibody Immunogen Filter (antibody specs)

You can also preview and copy the immunogen sequence directly from the product results page.