RNAi data types in figures

The product cards you see when you open a figure vary depending on the available information about the RNAi experiments and reagents from the publication (e.g. combinations of vendor, catalog number, or RNAi sequence). Here’s what the different cards look like:

Full catalog information 

Our AI identified the vendor and catalog # of the reagent used in the RNAi experiment.

Full RNAi Catalog

Product Subtype – siRNA 
Target information – Interferon regulatory factor 7
Vendor – Thermo Fisher Scientific
Catalog # (or siRNA ID) – S194563  
Link - product page.

Sequence information

Our AI identified the oligonucleotide sequence used in an RNAi experiment without specific vendor or catalog information.

RNAi Sequence infoBeta tag – Read more about it here
Sequence (may or may not include directionality) – AAAAGTCTAGAGCCACCG
Target – p53
Vendor – None
Catalog # – None
Link – sequences page

Vendor information only

Our AI identified an RNAi experiment and figure, but the authors only mentioned the vendor of the RNAi reagent and not a catalog number.

RNAi VendorProduct type – RNAi
Target – HSPA1A (Human)
Vendor – Dharmacon
Catalog # – None
Link – Product Results against the Target, filtered for the vendor.

Experiment only

Our AI identified that a knockout/knockdown (KO/KD) experiment was performed, but didn’t find additional information about the RNAi reagent.

RNAi Experiment onlyProduct type – None
Target – HO1 (Human)
Vendor – None
Catalog # – None
Link – None