So I can buy antibodies on BenchSci now? *select institutions only

Beginning in January 2019, BenchSci is introducing purchasing capability directly within the platform for academic users, beginning with Harvard University and the University of Toronto. We hope to soon be able to expand the purchasing feature to all BenchSci users.

If you are using BenchSci through one of the above institutions, you will now be able to see pricing for certain antibody products, add to cart, and complete your purchase, all within BenchSci!

Not all products are purchasable directly from BenchSci. If you can purchase the product through us, you will see a shopping cart icon on the righthand side on the product results page, which will allow you to add that product to your cart, where you have the option to complete your purchase with credit card or Purchase Order. If that product is not available through BenchSci, you can still simply click to visit the vendor site.

To filter your results to find only antibodies you can buy on BenchSci, use the "Availability" filter in the lefthand menu under Product Specs. Apart from that, the filtering and ranking of results has not changed one bit: products and figures are presented according to how well they match your search, whether you can purchase them through BenchSci or not.

If you are using an industry account with purchasing capability and have specific questions about purchasing at your organization, or would like to inquire about getting purchasing enabled at your academic institution, please fill out our contact form or get in touch via the chat widget.