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How can I register without an institutional email address?

If you don't have an academic email address, you may have other options. Read on to learn more.

BenchSci is available free to researchers in academic and nonprofit institutions. We use the domain of your email address to confirm your credentials. For example, students at the University of Toronto have the email first.last@utoronto.ca.

But we know that not every academic institution provides students with email accounts. So we also allow users to confirm credentials like this:

  1. Contact us using our contact form or chat widget, and ensure we have you name and email
  2. Provide a link to one of the following:
  • LinkedIn profile link showing your current affiliation
  • ResearchGate profile link showing your current affiliation
  • A recent paper with your name on it, showing your current affiliation

Once your affiliation is verified, we will set up an account for you.

If you work for a for-profit company, access is subscription-based. Read more here or contact us to enquire.