Why can't I find figures from a paper I wrote (or a paper I expected) on BenchSci?

We have analyzed over 10 million open- and closed-access publications - that's a lot! Try these tips when searching for a known paper.

Check if we have the publication and have correctly associated it with the appropriate product:

To do this, you can search by the catalog number of the antibody and check the resulting figures. If there are many published figures available for the product, try sorting the results by “Publication Date” to easily find your publication.

Check to ensure that the paper you are looking for cited a specific product:

The best way to cite an antibody is by its catalog number. However, if only a protein target and vendor are cited there may be multiple product options. We currently do not include results where a specific product could not be detected, and are investigating possible solutions for ambiguous cases like this.

If the paper is closed-access, check to see if it is from one of our publishing partners:

An updated list of our publishing partners can be found here. If your article is from a different closed-access publisher, we haven't gotten a hold of it quite yet (hold tight!)

Still didn't find the paper?

We'd be happy to look into this for you, so please let us know using the in-app chat or by email at support@benchsci.com.