What does my order status mean? *select institutions only

There are a number of different order statuses you may see for your order:

Awaiting Fulfillment: We are waiting for your order to be fulfilled by the vendor. Your order has been received by BenchSci and no outstanding payment details are required, and the order details have been passed to the vendor who is currently processing.

Cancelled: This status means that an order has been cancelled by you. If your order shows that it was “cancelled” but you believe this to be an error, you can try re-ordering, or reach out to us through the contact form.

Awaiting Payment: This status applies to Purchase Orders (POs) only, and indicates that BenchSci is waiting to receive the PO from your institution, which can sometimes take a few days. If you are concerned about the status of your order, we suggest reaching out to your institution to inquire about the status of the PO before contacting BenchSci.

Once BenchSci has received the PO from your institution, we will process the order.

Pending Approval: This status only applies to industry users who are purchasing through their Ariba system. This status indications that the order is awaiting approval in your institution’s procurement system. Once approved internally, the order will be sent to BenchSci, and the status will shift to ‘Awaiting Fulfillment.’

Shipped: The vendor has shipped your order! You should now see a link to track the package under Profile > My Orders.

Purchasing capability is only available at certain institutions. See this article for more info.