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What exactly is an institutional email?

The email address provided by the institution that you are affiliated with.


Your institutional email is the email provided to you by the university, research institution, or government agency that you are affiliated with. BenchSci maintains a database of valid academic, nonprofit, and government institutions and their email domains, so that anyone with an email address from one of those domains will be able to register for free. Your Gmail or other generic account will not grant you access to BenchSci, even if it is the one that you use for academic purposes. If you are affiliated with an academic institution but do not have an institutional email, no sweat - read about your options here.


If you work at a for-profit company, your institutional email is your work email address. If you're able to sign up with your company's email address, then your organization already has access.

To enquire about getting access for your company, fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch promptly.