What is BenchSci, anyway?

We're glad you asked!

Today, BenchSci is the world's most comprehensive AI-driven biomedical discovery platform.

Developed by a team of computational biologists, biomedical scientists, and machine learning engineers out of Toronto, Canada, BenchSci technology uses machine learning to read scientific documents and distill their knowledge. Our AI has read millions of scientific documents, including over 10 million biomedical papers and 6 million compound specifications. This knowledge is then stored in a graph of relationships. Researchers can query the graph to ask complex questions and receive evidence-based answers.

Using BenchSci, scientists now have the world's biomedical knowledge at their fingertips. The first application BenchSci is resolving is the antibody crisis, informing the selection and experimental use of the most ubiquitous discovery reagent across all applications, and allowing you to find the right antibody for your experiment up to 24x faster than with traditional methods.

In 2019, BenchSci is now evolving its AI technology and knowledge graphs to address broader discovery challenges, and expanding the questions the AI can answer far beyond antibodies. Find out What’s next for BenchSci.