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What is BenchSci, anyway?

We're glad you asked!

Backed by Google’s AI fund, Gradient Ventures, and built by life scientists for life scientists, BenchSci is the world leader in AI-assisted antibody selection.

With a 50% failure rate, inappropriate antibodies waste millions of research dollars and delay novel therapies by months. BenchSci’s AI solves this problem by continuously reading biomedical papers like a PhD biologist to understand which antibodies have been successfully used in which experiments. Unlike traditional antibody search tools, BenchSci extracts antibody specifications from published experiments with proprietary, antibody-specific machine learning models built from data labeled in-house by PhD biologists; applies sophisticated bioinformatics and ontologies to link antibodies with experimental contexts; enables rapid selection of experiment-specific antibodies using unique filters within an intuitive, figure-centric user interface; unlocks the value of scientific figures with proprietary image recognition technology; and increases confidence in antibody selection with unbiased, objective, independent validation data.

This reduces the cost of consumables and increases the impact of scientific research for more than 31,000 scientists at more than 3,600 academic institutions and 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies that trust BenchSci to guide their experiment design.

In 2019, BenchSci is now evolving its AI technology and knowledge graphs to address broader discovery challenges, and expanding the questions the AI can answer far beyond antibodies. Find out What’s next for BenchSci.