Saving time with a list of recent searches

When starting a new search, you can readily rerun one of your last five searches

Planning your next experiments and finding the right reagents can be an iterative process. To help you, clicking into an empty search bar shows you a list of your five most recent searches that you can easily rerun. This can ease navigating BenchSci when you’re comparing different targets and/or experimental contexts for your research. You can curate this list by removing a search by clicking the X. Note that your list of recent searches will only have 4 items until your next query in the search bar.

For search queries you run often, you have the option to explicitly save your search and revisit it on the saved searches page of your profile (read more about it here), or by clicking on View Saved Searches in the search drop down.

Rest assured that how we handle and encrypt these data is compliant with our SOC2 Type II security designation (read more here).

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