Overview of the ASCEND by BenchSci platform

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The ASCEND by BenchSci platform consists of 4 applications, including Selector, Navigator, Architect, and Defender

What is the ASCEND platform?

This suite of applications empowers users to discover biological connections, surface contextual experimental evidence, and uncover safety and efficacy risks in experiments early to move the most promising projects forward faster. 


Find reagents and model systems using insights derived from published literature

Expedite the process of searching through publication data to surface hypotheses

Optimize experimental plans to address research questions and objectives

Learn about potential risks as you are building hypotheses and experiments

How can I use these applications in my research?

Tell me more about each application!

1. Selector

• Save time by narrowing in on the most relevant results to help select products with the most supporting data
• Search through commercial reagents and model systems across vendors
• Gain insight into custom reagents or model systems used in published literature

2. Navigator

• Identify biological connections between entities (such as proteins, pathways, or diseases)
• Access underlying experimental data between those connections for further analysis
• Prioritize lists of targets to study based on what is already known in the field

3. Architect

• Find precedents from peer-reviewed publications, preprints, and internal data sources
• Document experiment progress, results, and setbacks to compile all relevant information in one place
• Leverage the integration with Selector to discover and add reagents and model systems

4. Defender

• Identify potential risks in preclinical experiments that can adversely affect downstream clinical relevance
• Learn about potential efficacy/safety risks flagged in experiments to help build your research hypotheses

For scientists who currently have access to Selector, you can continue to access the application as you currently do. Access to the new applications, Navigator, Architect, and Defender will be available to select industry customers with agreements with our commercial team. Click here to read more about the launch of ASCEND in the BenchSci blog.