Q4 2022: What’s new in Selector (Reagents and model systems)

We are excited to announce new enhancements on the platform between October and December 2022

Over the past three months, we’ve added data from over 6.3 million experiments and 367,000 products across all reagent and model system types. Other notable updates include:

1. Improved visibility of Cas nuclease usage from publication-derived data

In addition to viewing data for commercially available Cas nuclease products, we’ve improved our technology to detect Cas nuclease usage from the literature. Applying the Cas Type filter now reveals results for both commercially available Cas nuclease products and results for custom in-house generated Cas nucleases.

2. More data for xenograft, patient-derived xenograft, and allograft animal models

Grafting models are often used in oncology research to introduce a donor tissue or cell line into a mouse model, to study downstream disease phenotypes. We surface literature-mined grafting models through a specific set of application names: xenograft, patient-derived xenograft, and allograft. We recently improved our algorithms to detect more data from the literature for these applications to empower scientists with more information as they are reviewing which animal models to use. 

Please note that access to these features and enhancements will depend on which reagents and model systems are available at your organization.