Why can’t I find a specific vendor or product?

We maintain a very large database, and we're still expanding!

There are a few reasons we might be missing a product you're looking for

  • We don't yet have that vendor's catalog in our database
  • It's a new product from a vendor we already have a relationship with

In either case, let us know and we'll reach out to them for their latest catalogs so we can update our database.

Checking if we have a specific vendor

  1. Navigate to the products results tab
  2. Open the Company filter under Supplier filters
  3. Search the list for your vendor of choice

When you select the vendor, we'll show you all of their products on the platform.

Searching for a specific product

If you are searching for a specific product, simply type the catalog number of the product into the search bar. Clicking the search suggestion will navigate you directly to the product page.