Why am I getting no results?

No results on your first attempt? No problem!

Here are a few tips to guide you through BenchSci's reagent selection applications:

  1. If you have access to multiple reagent and model system types, start your search by choosing your product type (e.g. antibody, CRISPR gRNA, RNAi...)
  2. Next, add your target name or gene name to the search bar
  3. Choose one of the suggestions in the dropdown — the protein/gene name will show BenchSci's preferred name in cases where you used one of its aliases. 
  4. Narrow down your search by adding filters 
  5. Check out our Learning Modules for more comprehensive guides to using BenchSci

Still no results?

Keep in mind: some protein targets may not have a vast number of citations, may not be widely studied, or not have many commercial antibody products available.

  1. If you have applied multiple filters try removing some. You can simply mouse over each filter
    and click the X on the main search bar. We recommend adding most of your filters one at a time so you can evaluate your results at each step.
  2. Check both figures and products results tabs — sometimes there might not be any associated figures but there might be products and vice versa

Still have questions?

We're happy to help, so please let us know using the contact form, the in-app chat, or by email at support@benchsci.com.