Quick Start Guide: Selector

Up to 50% of reagents are unsuitable and fail to produce reproducible results. Within the ASCEND by BenchSci platform, our Selector application helps scientists streamline the selection of suitable reagents and model systems and avoid unnecessary purchases and validation experiments.

  1. Video Overview of Selector 
  2. Impact of Selector on Biomedical Research
  3. Steps to Get Started with Selector

What is Selector?

Impact on Biomedical Research

Over 50,000 scientists at 16 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, several biotech companies, and 4,500+ academic institutions use Selector. BenchSci has developed powerful technology that is proven to:

 Accelerate research by selecting products in seconds vs. weeks

Reduce reagent spending and save millions per year

Optimize experiment success and increase research productivity 

Have quantifiable impact with a proven, turnkey application

Explore data for a range of common reagents and model systems 

Represents about 40-50% of reagent waste, with millions of products and hundreds of vendors
Requires complex selection of compatible vectors, Cas nucleases, and guide RNA
Includes recombinant and purified proteins which are often the second-highest source of waste after antibodies
Animal Models
Often need to consult many studies to identify a model that has been successfully utilized in similar experiments
Challenging to search for since products are often custom and cited by their sequence
PCR Primers & Probes
Fundamental molecular biology techniques with millions of products with slight variations that can be difficult to choose from
Cell Products
A critical component of experiments that are prone to mislabeling and unclear validation methods

Comprehensive coverage of trusted literature sources and vendor databases

Experiment data from over 19 million preprint, open- and closed-access publications

Partnerships with leading scientific publishers including Springer Nature and Wiley

Independent validation sources including The Human Protein Atlas and EuroMAbNet

Product catalog data for more than 78 million products from 400 vendors

Leverage AI technology to advance your workflow


  • Manually scanning papers for experiment details
  • Manually scanning through vendor catalogs for suitable reagents and model systems
  • Spreadsheets to track potential reagents


  • Text and image-based AI detects details from a figure/experiment like a Ph.D. scientist
  • Bioinformatics data and ontologies connect reagent and model usage to diseases, experiment types, and other contexts
  • Streamlined gene/protein datasets to reduce common challenges with aliases 
  • Intuitive interface to curate lists of products that match experiment criteria and validation conditions

Start Searching with Selector!

Also available in Japanese (日本語) and Chinese (中文).

1. Log into Selector

Log in with your institutional email address at app.benchsci.com or click your company logo in this article.

2. Enter search criteria

3. Filter and view search results that match your experiment conditions

4. View figures from peer-reviewed publications, preprints, vendors, and third-party sources

5. Review details from figures to learn more about what reagents/model systems are used in experiments

6. Review product details

7. Explore custom data integrations to build confidence in your search

Additional features integrated with your company's internal data may be available for scientists at your company. Log into the Knowledge Center to see company-specific articles.

Questions or Feedback?

Chat with us in the app (bottom right corner)
Email us: support@benchsci.com

Access to reagent or model system types depends on your company license. Use your ASCEND credentials to log into the Knowledge Center to view help and tutorial articles relevant to your company.