Quick Start Guide: Selector

 Access to each of these reagent or model system types depends on your company license

BenchSci's machine learning technology has screened over 16 million peer-reviewed publications to generate a database of experimental data, figures, and relevant products. Our Selector application helps surface relevant information from our database to help you choose appropriate reagents and model systems for your experiments.


Access the platform with your institutional email address at app.benchsci.com or click your company logo on the BenchSci customer's page to view additional login options, such as if your company has enabled single-sign-on (SSO).

Start Searching!

1. Enter search criteria

2. Filter and view search results that match your experiment conditions

3. View figures from peer-reviewed publications, preprints, vendors, and third-party sources

4. Review details from figures to learn more about what reagents/model systems are used in experiments

5. Review product details

Custom Integrations

Additional features may be available for scientists at your company. Log into the knowledge center to see company-specific articles.

Questions or Feedback?

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Email us: support@benchsci.com

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