Q3 2023: What's new in Selector (Reagents and model systems)

We are excited to announce new enhancements in the platform between July and September 2023

Over the past three months, we’ve added data from over 780K publications and 1.2M products. Other notable updates include:

  • Access thousands of new experiment insights from Sage Publications
  • Get notified when there are new results for your search
  • Search by alias for gene expression data

1. Access thousands of new experiment insights from Sage Publications

Sage Publications is the world’s fifth-largest journal publisher, with over 1,000 journals across a range of disciplines. Through our new partnership with Sage, we’ve increased our data coverage in areas such as musculoskeletal, cardiometabolic, and neuroscience research. We’ve analyzed over 130,000 papers to detect 160,000 experiments linked to reagent and model system usage.

2. Get notified when there are new results for your search

Designing experiments based on the latest insights can be challenging, as new research is constantly being published. You can now opt-in to receive email alerts when new results for your saved searches are added to our platform. This will help you stay informed about recent developments in your field and easily identify new products and figures relevant to your experiments. Click here to learn more.

This feature is now available to all customers, after release to select customers earlier this year.

3. Search by aliases for gene expression data

Genes and proteins can be referred to in many different ways, which is why our platform is backed by a proprietary bioinformatics database that tracks and links these different aliases. We’ve updated the Gene Expression filter for Cell Products and Animal Models to leverage this data, so it now supports searching for a gene by multiple common names.

4. View the latest developments in health sciences research

Reviewing data in preprints enables scientists to gain early visibility into cutting-edge research, including the most recently used experimental reagents and model systems. We recently expanded our preprint coverage to include medRxiv, in addition to bioRXiv, for a total of over 450,000 experiments linked to over 100,000 figures. Click here to learn more.

Please note that access to these features and enhancements depends on what is available at your organization.