Q2 2022: What’s new in Selector (Reagents and model systems)

We are excited to announce new enhancements on the platform between April and June 2022

Over the past three months, we’ve added data from over 27.1 million experiments and 4.2 million products across our reagent and model system types. Other notable updates include:

  • An enhanced Bioactivity filter that reinforces vendor bioactivity claims with data from the literature, plus a new Supplier Validation filter to narrow in on protein products that the vendor has tested
  • Improvements to the breadth of our data with Oxford University Press journals as a new data source
  • An update to our Gene Expression filter that facilitates finding appropriate reporter cell line products based on the reporter gene of interest

1. New filters for bioactive and validated protein products

Wondering if a product has evidence of bioactivity or has been validated by vendors? Use the improved Bioactivity filter to review 94,600 figures from the literature supporting vendors’ bioactivity claims of their protein products. Plus, use the new Supplier Validation filter to review 96,800 vendor-provided figures that validate a protein product through experiments such as western blot, SDS-PAGE, or HPLC. Filter for your experimental context and see the evidence for yourself to decide which products you trust for your experiments. 

Learn more about our Bioactivity and Supplier Validation filters!

2. Oxford University Press as an additional data source

We’ve analyzed over 850,000 articles from 120 Oxford University Press bioscience journals and extracted data from 1.3 million new experiments to provide scientists with additional insights regarding appropriate reagents and model systems for their experiments. We will continue to add more data from Oxford University Press as new articles are published to keep scientists up-to-date with the latest research.

3. Find reporter cell lines with an improved Gene Expression filter

Save more time finding reporter cell lines on the platform to visualize and track protein expression in your experiments! View data for over 2,600 products by searching for Reporter assay in the Application filter, then use the Gene Expression filter to surface cell products that express a reporter gene of interest. 

Learn more about identifying reporter cell lines!

4. Search for protein structure data

We’ve added protein structure data to the platform from over 200,000 experiments generated using techniques such as electron microscopy and crystallography. Our technology now identifies these experimental techniques by leveraging Protein Data Bank identifier codes cited in the literature. This information can provide insight into protein-ligand/protein-protein interactions or other properties of a protein of interest. 

Learn more about protein structure data!

5. Improved Vector Format filter to find all-in-one CRISPR vector plasmids

In CRISPR experiments, it’s often more convenient to deliver Cas nuclease and gRNA reagents together with an all-in-one vector. Thanks to feedback from our users, we have added a new all-in-one option in the Vector Format filter to quickly find   “all-in-one” CRISPR reagents.

Please note that access to these features and enhancements will depend on which reagents and model systems are available at your organization.