Q2 2024: What's new in Selector

We are excited to announce new enhancements in the platform between April and June 2024

Over the past three months, we hav e added data from over 811K publications, 1.7M experimental use cases, and 494K reagents. Other notable updates include:

  • Expanding cell product specs
  • Increased data coverage

1. Expanded Cell Product Specs

Our cell product data now includes critical four new data points including age, availability, year of establishment and morphology. This data expansion empowers you to select the most appropriate cell product for your experimental needs. Click here to view all cell product specs.

2. Increased data coverage

We are consistently working to increase the breadth and depth of our data coverage by adding new journal articles to our platform. Over the past three months we have added over 800K new publications to our platform from both open and closed-access journals

Click here to learn more about closed-access publisher partnerships.

Please note that access to these features and enhancements depends on what is available at your organization.