How comprehensive is BenchSci's database?

It's big. And it's only getting bigger!

BenchSci has the world’s most powerful and comprehensive biomedical experiment-focused dataset and ontology, built using proprietary machine learning models that understand experiments like a Ph.D. scientist. 

Our database includes peer-reviewed publications, preprints, abstracts, patents, internal client data, and several third-party databases. We have over 19 million scientific publications from both open- and closed-access publishers to extract and analyze experimental figures, experimental insights, reagent/model system usage information, and more. There are over 78 million products in our database, and we cross-reference these with vendor catalogs and third-party validators. 

We add new data from these sources monthly so the numbers are always increasing.

All of our open-access content includes articles published on PubMed Central within the last 15 years. Including many papers that are subject to the National Institute of Health (NIH) 2008 Open Access Policy, ensuring that all publications describing research funded by the NIH are made publicly available within 12 months of publication. 

Our closed-access content includes articles from our publishing partners listed here:

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