How to share products and figures

You can share products and figures with your colleagues by email

There are several places within the Selector application where you can share relevant products and figures, either individually or from a saved list, via email. This feature allows you to quickly and easily share your insights with colleagues and collaborators.

How to share individual products and figures

You can share products of interest while viewing a product page by clicking Share by Email. You'll be prompted to enter the email address you want a Selector URL to be sent to – you can even put your own email if you like!

You can also share figures of interest by clicking theScreen Shot 2019-01-09 at 6.03.18 PMicon on the Figures results page or in the figure modal. 

Hovering over a figure on the Figure results pageIn figure modal

How to share a list of products and figures

You can also share your saved product and figure lists via email. To share a saved list via email, navigate to your product and figures lists by clicking on the Saved Lists icon and selecting the list you'd like to share.

Within the list, click the Share by Email button and enter the recipient's email address with whom you'd like to share your insights.