Q1 2023: What's new in Selector (Reagents and model systems)

We are excited to announce new enhancements in the platform between January and March 2023

Over the past three months, we’ve added data from over 8.6 million experiments and 6.1 million products across all reagent and model system types. Other notable updates include:

  • Find animal model data based on dietary conditions
  • Improved visibility into custom-grafted animal models
  • The Reagent Selection application is now Selector

1. Find animal model data based on dietary conditions

Scientists may want to view animal model data for your experiments based on different experimental parameters, such as dietary conditions. Having this information can be helpful to inform which animal models to select and work with. The Diet filter helps scientists narrow down results based on publication-derived information. For example, if you were looking for an animal model to study obesity, you may want to find animal models fed a high-fat diet, and view accompanying publication data for experimental insights. Click here to learn more.

2. Improved visibility into custom-grafted animal models

Grafting is the technique to introduce a donor tissue or cell line into an animal model. Scientists studying cancer often use grafted animal models to study cancers. Some vendors allow you to build a custom-ordered xenograft or patient-derived xenograft animal model to generate a model system that is directly applicable to their research.

Each potential option for these custom-ordered animal models is now reflected in our platform, providing scientists with a better view of potential animal models relevant to their experiments, while also providing the valuable layer of publication-derived data specific to each potential custom product. Click here to learn more.

3. The Reagent Selection application is now Selector

We have expanded our product offering and introduced new applications in addition to Selector. There is no change in what scientists have access to, or how scientists access Selector

Please note that access to these features and enhancements will depend on which reagents and model systems are available at your organization.