Signing up with your institutional email address

We check eligibility for access using the email address provided by your institution

Although BenchSci offers an enterprise subscription service for researchers at for-profit organizations, we endeavour to keep access free for scientists at academic and non-profit institutions. Typically, we rely on the domain of your institutional email address to determine eligibility for a free account.

What's an institutional email address?

It is the email address provided to you by the university, research institution, or government agency that you are affiliated with. For example,,, or

BenchSci maintains a database of valid academic, nonprofit, and government institutions and their email domains, so that anyone with an email address from one of those domains will be able to register for free. If we missed your institution, send us a note through our contact formchat message, or to let us know and we'll work on fixing the oversight.

If you work at a for-profit company, your institutional email is your work email address. If you're able to sign up with your company's email address, then your organization already has access.

To enquire about getting access for your company, fill out our contact form and a member of our team will be in touch promptly.

I don't have an institutional email address

We understand that not all universities and institutions issue email addresses. If this is the case, we can manually verify an account for you if you provide us with some extra information:

  1. Contact us using our contact formchat widget, or by emailing
  2. Share with us your full name and the name of the institution you're part of
  3. Provide a link to one of the following:
         • LinkedIn profile link showing your current affiliation to an institution
         • ResearchGate profile link showing your current affiliation
         • A recent paper with your name on it, showing your current affiliation

Once your affiliation is verified, we will set up an account for you.

This applies to Gmail or other generic email providers, too — contact us and we can work with you to set up an account.

To sign up for an account, please visit our main login page

If you are having trouble signing up, please check out this article for more information.