Creating alerts for new figures and products

Opt-in to receive email notifications when new relevant data becomes available

Designing experiments can be an iterative and inefficient process to include insights from the latest research. For search queries that you perform frequently in Selector, you have the option to save your search and revisit it on the Saved Searches tab of your Profile.

To make it easier to keep track of the latest research and products that are most relevant for your experiment needs, for any saved search, you can create an email alert. You will receive an email when new data is available that updates the number of product or figure results from research data published since the alert was set, empowering you with the latest insights derived from the most recent publications to help you run more successful experiments. 

For example, if an alert was set in January 2023, and a study was published in February 2023 that increases the data available for your saved search, you will receive an email with links to view the new data.

You can manage your saved searches and alerts anytime from your Profile. If you have any feedback or questions about this feature, please let us know!