Q1 2022: What’s new in Selector (Antibody data)

We are excited to announce new enhancements to the platform between January - March 2022.

This quarter, we added data from over 1,000,000 experiments and 800,000 products to our antibody data. In addition, we added preprint data from bioRxiv as a new data source, new specifications for ELISA kits, and an in-app widget for our Knowledge Center. Learn about these new features below!

1. Preprint data is now on the platform

BenchSci has partnered with bioRxiv to provide you with visibility on the latest developments in biomedical research. This new data source will help you:

• Stay up-to-date on recent research being explored against your target
• See which products have been used most recently
• Avoid waiting months to years for an article to be published in a peer-reviewed journal

Click here to learn more about viewing preprint data.

2. New specifications for ELISA kits

Based on user feedback, we have added new product specifications for ELISA kits, including Sensitivity, Assay Format, Detection, Inter-assay Precision, and Intra-assay Precision, where available. Based on these ELISA kit specifications, you will now be able to make more informed selections based on requirements for your experimental context. Click here to learn more about these new specs

3. Knowledge Center help widget

The Knowledge Center is home to over 200 articles that provide helpful how-to guides, strategies for searching our database, and answers to FAQs about our features and data.

The Support button in the top right corner of the app opens a widget to quickly and easily access help content from our Knowledge Center while you are searching on BenchSci, all in the same window. Click here to learn more about utilizing the in-app widget.