How to report inaccuracies, suggest features, or provide other feedback

Help us improve by sharing your ideas or letting us know if something looks incorrect

Feedback from scientists is what drives improvements to our platform and enhances our database. Check out this blog post to see features that we have added because of scientist feedback.

If you ever have a suggestion for a feature you would like to see, please reach out through one of the channels listed below. We’d also love to hear from you if you found a bug! This might look like a glitch in the UI, an antibody that lists the wrong target, a dead vendor link, or a newly discontinued product. We work hard to catch these bugs ahead of time, but one may occasionally slip through the cracks so we appreciate your help in fixing them.

When reporting a bug, as best you can, please include:

  • A description of the problem
  • When/how it occurred (so we can try to reproduce it!)
  • A screenshot
  • Your operating system (e.g. Windows 10) and browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox)

We’ll investigate and get back to you :)

How to contact us:

You have a few options! 

  1. Leave us a message through our in-app chat. Look for the chat bubblein the bottom right side of your window after you login.
  2. Send an email to our Scientific Support team at
  3. Fill out our contact form!

For a suggestion, please include a brief description of your idea and a little information about why it would be useful to you!